Behind the BLU



BLUCREW is a privately owned business concern founded in 2012 in Scandinavia and providing tailor-made crew solutions and support services for the global aviation market. From our European head office in Göteborg, Sweden, we are dedicated to building strong relationships with clients and candidates alike by providing high-quality services and premium support to the people of the aviation industry.


"Our mission is to give you peace of mind by putting a smile on your passengers’ faces".
Blucrew aims to be the best choice for recruitment, training and staffing solutions within the aviation industry. Our offer of quality local solutions on a global market provides high levels of service and flexibility. Our focus is always to bring quality and cost efficiency to your organisation. 


Our values guide us through everyday operations and guide us like a beacon into the future.
Our company is run by values, and our shared values maintain our identity. The only way we can promote the interests of all our stakeholders is to know them well.
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We operate in an industry with enormous global growth potential, and we’re active in countries where our clients need a one-point HR
services. Our strategy has been designed to capitalise on growth in the markets where we operate.
Its building blocks represent the strategic ingredients for success and consist of the core components of our business. The drivers are what we believe to be key to structural growth within the industry.


Need for flexibility:
A workforce with the right flexibility increases the productivity and improves the competiveness of our clients.
Clients looking for a one-stop shop:
Clients are increasingly looking for total service suppliers.
Changes in our niche:
The global aviation industry is changing. The need for crew solutions is growing.


Motivated people:
Our people are our greatest asset. Our people are what builds our success in the marketplace
Niche knowledge:
We believe our niche knowledge gives us best practice across our business, which gives us an edge in the marketplace.
Superior concept:
Our service concepts reflect the needs of our candidates and clients. They are the foundation of our brands, which strengthens our global offer.
Excellent execution:
We use only best business practices.